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The Product Carbon Footprint Label identifies products which carbon footprint has been certified by the Carbon Trust in accordance to internationally recognised standards like PAS2050, GHG Product Standard and ISO14067.
A leader in carbon footprinting, the Carbon Trust is a mission-led organisation that is seeking to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, low carbon economy.
The Carbon Trust created the first Product Carbon Footprint Label in 2007. The label has already appeared on thousands of individual products across various product groups worldwide and is recognized as a relevant environmental label. By the way: The Carbon Trust Footprint Label is now also listed under the Amazon "Climate Pledge Friendly" program.

Which lifecycle phases are covered by the standard?

Raw materials extraction and production

Cultivation of basic products in fields (e.g. cereals, vegetables) in plantations (e.g. fruits, oils) as well as products of animal agriculture (e.g. meat, milk)


Some food products go through complex manufacturing processes. During production, basic products are processed, preserved and food additives are added

Transportation / distribution

The transport route from one production stage to the next as well as to the end consumer

Products use and consumption

Usage by the owner


Disposal of food (waste) or further energetic use (biogas)