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The ClimatePartner seal identifies carbon neutral products, their packaging, services or companies. For this purpose, carbon emissions are calculated and offset via certified carbon offset projects. In this way, companies are sensitised to climate action and consumers are given the opportunity to consume in a climate-friendly way.
ClimatePartner GmbH was founded in 2006 and enables companies to take climate action. ClimatePartner offers solutions for calculating carbon emissions, emission reduction measurements as well as offsetting carbon emissions via certifified carbon offset projects.
The ID number and an associated web address on the label reveal the amount of carbon emissions offset as well as the carbon offset project that a company supports.

Which lifecycle phases are covered by the standard?

Raw materials extraction and production

Cultivation of basic products in fields (e.g. cereals, vegetables) in plantations (e.g. fruits, oils) as well as products of animal agriculture (e.g. meat, milk)


Some food products go through complex manufacturing processes. During production, basic products are processed, preserved and food additives are added

Transportation / distribution

The transport route from one production stage to the next as well as to the end consumer

Products use and consumption

Usage by the owner


Disposal of food (waste) or further energetic use (biogas)