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The "FSC Recycled" label ensures that a wood or paper product is made entirely from recycled material.
Forest Stewardship Council ® is an international NGO based in Mexico. It was first established in 1993 and promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. In many countries there are regional or supra regional representatives operating.
FSC ® is the world’s most trusted sustainable forest management solution to deliver positive impacts for the forests, markets, and people. With globally valid standards, the involvement of all relevant stakeholders and the support of renowned companies as well as recognized independent environmental and social organizations, FSC ® is considered the most credible solution for sustainable forest management. Products bearing the FSC 100% label are made from 100% FSC-certified material. The FSC Mix label identifies products that are made from at least 70% FSC-certified and / or recycled materials. The FSC Recycled label identifies products that contain only recycled material.

Which lifecycle phases are covered by the standard?

Raw materials extraction and production

Cultivation of fibers (e.g. wood), alternatively recycled fibers (waste paper) can be used


Pulp is made from the primary fibers, which is then further processed into paper in several steps. When using recycled fibers, old printing ink must first be removed

Transportation / distribution

The transport route from one production stage to the next as well as to the end consumer

Products use and consumption

Usage through the owner


Proper disposal of paper or return to the cycle (recycling)