Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Basic questions

  • What is a sustainability label?
  • To what extent do individual labels differ from each other?
  • What is a standard? What is a standard system?
  • What is a labelling/standard-setting organisation?
  • What are standard requirements?
  • What is certification?
  • Are there other standard forms and sustainability initiatives?
  • Why are labels important?
  • How can I tell if a product is sustainable?

Siegelklarheit in general

  • What is Siegelklarheit? And who is behind it?
  • Which labels are evaluated or presented by Siegelklarheit?
  • The label I am looking for is not presented on Siegelklarheit or has not been rated – why?
  • Why is Siegelklarheit not also found on products and packaging?
  • Are there other websites besides Siegelklarheit where I can get information about labels and sustainable consumption?

The assessment methodology of Siegelklarheit

  • How does the assessment methodology of Siegelklarheit work?
  • What is the Sustainability Standards Comparison Tool (SSCT)?
  • How does Siegelklarheit assess the credibility of a label?
  • Who carries out the evaluation of the labels?
  • How did the evaluation criteria come about and what are they based on?
  • What are minimum requirements? And what distinguishes them from the additional criteria?
  • Which special features cannot be assessed?
  • Why are labels in the product group textiles displayed differently?

Stakeholders of Siegelklarheit

  • "I am a standard organisation - How can I use Siegelklarheit?"
  • "I am a retailer - how can I use Siegelklarheit?"
  • "I come from an educational institution - How can I use Siegelklarheit?"
  • "I am a journalist - how can I use Siegelklarheit?