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The aim is to improve environmental and working conditions in cotton cultivation. Growers must meet entry criteria and then demonstrate improvements. Around 12 percent of global cotton production was BCI certified in 2016.
The standard is provided by the non-profit Better Cotton Initiative, which is made up of environmental and human rights organisations and companies in the textile industry.

Which lifecycle phases are covered by the standard?

Raw materials extraction and production

Cultivation of natural fibers (e.g. cotton) and production of synthetic fibers (e.g. polyester)


The production and further processing of yarns and fabrics into a finished garment involves many sub-steps (e.g. spinning, weaving and knitting, sewing, tailoring and finishing)

Transportation / distribution

The transport route from one production stage to the next as well as to the end consumer

Products use and consumption

Usage through the owner


Proper disposal of textiles or return of materials to the cycle (recycling)